: About the Founder :


As a child growing up in Canada, one of my favorite memories was traveling up north to cottage country and camping out with my mother and siblings. This was a time where we could soak in all the curiosities of Mother Nature and truly connect with each other. We would sit fireside mesmerized by the smells, sounds and the dance of the flames. We would cook, roast marshmallows and share stories around the magical element of fire.

These are memories I cherish and will forever hold dear.

Recognizing that my career in fashion and entertainment was too much of a fast paced, high stress lifestyle, I began to search for ways to decompress naturally. I started thinking of ways to disconnect digitally and build a sense of community and connection. I began to host backyard fireside gatherings with my friends.

Combining my love for the outdoors and the wonderful element of fire, I gathered fallen wood from the property in Malibu and bundled together some of my favorite healing herbs and introduced SPIRITUAL KINDLING.

Immediately the aromas of sage, lavender, rosemary and pine filled the air. the crackle of the fire mesmerized the crowd and the phones were put down.




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